Meet the Journalist- Elley Paulsen

Meet Elley Paulsen. I asked her a few simple questions about what she does outside of school, if she has pets, what sports she plays, etc. I started by asking if she had any pets, her response was “I have 2 dogs, 2 bunnies, and 1 guinea pig.” Then I asked what she does outside of school, whether it’s fun or not, she says,  “Outside of school I like to hangout with friends, and play sports.” She plays volleyball, basketball, and track.  I asked how she thought her first year at MHS was going, Elley said “The start of her freshman year wasn’t as hard as I thought.” My last question for her was what she thought about the new rules and procedures. She said, “I think the new rules and procedures are good, but as a student they can sometimes be annoying, or get in the way.”