A Week In The Life of Mr. Maxey


From sky diving to riding a motorcycle, this beloved science teacher is one of a kind! David Maxey is a science teacher at McPherson High School, and he shares with us a typical week in his life.  Mr. Maxey starts his day very productive.  He wakes up at 5:30 am exercises, eats breakfast, makes tea, and then heads to work. On a typical work day he gets to the school around 7 am, usually prepared for the day the night before.  He checks to make sure he has everything he needs. His 6th period is his AP Environmental Science Class(APES) which is a very small class, and they build strong connections and learn lots of cool things. Mr. Maxey loves learning and loves to teach.  Being at the school and teaching always leaves him with a big smile on his face! Mr. Maxey has many exciting hobbies such as skydiving, biking, and riding his motorcycle. He says he used to fly fish and backpack a bunch.  He doesn’t do those much anymore, but he loves outdoor activities. On the weekends, he likes to sleep in, do housework, and go grocery shopping. Saturdays are when Mr. Maxey usually skydives.  If he doesn’t go skydiving, he likes to go for a long bike ride. On Sunday he gets all his lesson plans and things together for the week.  After that he goes to Noffy’s for lunch. Mr. Maxey is a wonderful guy, and his class always has a positive impact on my day. Learning about his typical weekly routine has honestly left me feeling motivated.  His organization and the things he does makes me want to try new things and clean my house! From everyone at MHS, we love you Mr. Maxey!!