Bullpup Wrestlers Won 39-37

Team is cheering on Conner McVicker.

McPherson Varsity, Junior Varsity, boys, and girls wrestlers had a duel against Winfield on December 16th, 2021. 

Conner McVicker, a Junior wrestler at 285 lb. from McPherson High school said, “ I was wanting it to come down to me to get it done, I knew going into the match that if I wrestled smart and went out there and wrestled my match then I was going to get it done. It was a great feeling when I pinned my kid and I heard everyone going crazy.”

Joseph Nutt, a Sophomore wrestler at 220 lb. from McPherson High school said, “ I felt good winning the duel the Varsity line up wrestled hard in every match. We were able to win because no one gave up no matter what. Winfield did not get an easy pin the entire dual. I think I deserved to win my match because I went out there on the mat with the mentality of me winning, I knew what was at state and I knew my team needed a pin so I went out and worked for it. I love wrestling because it pushes me to be the best athletic version of myself, wrestling is a great sport because 80% of it is mental. You have to be mentally stronger than the opposition in order to win.”

Carter Spotted Elk, a Sophomore wrestler at 195 lb from McPherson High school said, “Wrestling 220 at 195 is hard but it feels good to go out and get the win when your 30 pounds lighter than the opposition.”

Hunter Wilson, a Sophomore wrestler at 155 lb. from McPherson High school said, “ When I wrestle there is so much going through my head. I feel excited, nervous, anxious, all of that. When I step on the mat that all goes away and I’m fine. I win because I believe in myself and my coaches. The best feeling is seeing the smile on your coach’s face after you win a hard match.”