GSA is finally an official school club!

Devon Haden, McPherson High school

In the summer of 2021, Dr. Harrison and 3 other members of the Gay-Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance club (GSA) senior, Izabella Palacious, and high school graduates, Sais Vazques and Ro Grant went up against the McPherson High School administration, STUCO, and the Board of Education to help make GSA an official school club.

In 2017, GSA began its long journey at McPherson High School. They were not an official club yet, meaning it was school-approved but not school-sponsored. Due to this, they were not allowed to meet during the school day, while other clubs could. Yet, they still found ways to have meetings after school and go on trips. They used their own vehicles to take all the members, who wanted to go, to a pride parade in June of 2019. But this wasn’t enough, they wanted to be recognized and treated like other clubs. Dr. Harrison, Izabella Palacious, Sais Vazques, and Ro Grant submitted information about the club and why it should be an official school club to the McPherson High School administration. After they approved, they had to get STUCO to sign off on it. After that, they went and presented to the school board on June 14, 2021. The board approved it unanimously.

I asked Izabella how she felt going to the very first official meeting during school on the 10th of September.  This is what she said,
“It was really fun seeing every one of different creeds coming to the first meeting. If I’m honest I didn’t expect as many people to show up or sign up. I felt a little more rushed and kinda more nervous about meeting at school. I was worried that maybe my members won’t feel as comfortable during school as after. Usually, after school it’s just us, so we don’t get worried about people messing with us during meetings. But during school, there’s always the possibility that someone could come in during our meeting and cause problems.” She also said, “We are open to everyone, of any race or sexuality. Whether you’re gay, straight, or just curious. No matter what click you’re in you can join or watch.”

Lastly, something everyone needs to know. No matter what sexual orientation or gender someone identifies as they are human. They deserve the same kindness and respect as you’d give anyone else. Their lives are not a joke. Don’t treat them like one.