Boys Varsity Swimming Invitational


Boys Swimming Invitational.

This week on Friday December 18th a boys varsity swimming invitational was held at Wichita Heights High School. With many different schools participating in this meet, there were plenty of people to cheer each other on. Starting at 6 pm and getting over around 8:30, by the end of the meet McPherson won and was in 1st place.

Speaking to Senior, Rhys Vanderhoof, he said, “The sweater relay is one of our most important races as it makes sure our team is one cohesive unit. We won that race by a landslide so to have done that, I’d say we are in pretty good standings for the rest of the year.”

Manager, Zoe McHenry, said, “Being a swim manager has given me an opportunity to learn more about swimming firsthand and simultaneously develop friendships along the way.”

Speaking to Senior, Cody Achilles, he said, “Our team worked together and cheered each other on. It’s not the skills and talent that we have that helps us win, it’s the bond we share.”

The next boys swim meet will be on January 9th at El Dorado High. If you are free, think about coming to support boys swim during their season.