Why You Should Vote Left


America is separated right down the middle by what the people believe is right and wrong. Everywhere we look we’ll find issues; racism, poverty, climate change and the lack of inclusivity. If we can all agree, or at least a majority, on the priority issues that need to be solved, the issues that identify with being wrong to all, then why isn’t it happening.

My uncle, Mark Knowles, one time gave me the greatest political knowledge I’ve ever received. He is a conservitive man, him and I have very different views. I asked him why he votes Republican if he disagrees with the candidate. He told me that he believes there are priority issues that need to be solved and the Republican party winning is the only way those issues will have a chance at getting solved.

When he told me that, that’s when I started understanding the concept of why you pick a party and why you vote for them, even if they don’t align with you 100 percent. My priority issues that I want to see changed is our education system, getting free healthcare to all, college debt brought down to a minimum, equal pay, inclusivity, and fast action on climate change. To get these things done I don’t mind taxes getting raised. Though the Democrat party may not be ideal all the time, I stick by them because the only way my priority issues will be solved is with that party.

One thing that separates Democrat views from Republican views is the progressiveness of change. If your views align with the Republican party you often like things to stay the same. If your views align with the Democratic party then you probably like to see things always progressing. 

The difference on how each party handles progression in my opinion is the most important difference between the two, and here’s why. Our generation, Gen Z, is the most progressive and active generation according to Lauren Young, a writer for Vogue and other industries. Our generation wants to see change because we know that change is the only way to make the world a better place. The left side supports progressive change and the right side tends to like things to stay the same. We need to vote left so progressive change will occur. Without change we’d still be stuck in the 1950’s.

Change is one reason connected to many other reasons on why you should vote left in all future elections. The Democrat party supports free healthcare for all citizens. This is a huge reason to vote left. Free healthcare could save millions of abandoned babies, billions of struggling families, thousands of cancer patients, and could save a person near to you. The Democrat party supports active action on solving climate change. This is yet another huge reason why you should vote left. The world is your home, your family’s home, so many different animals home. Without protecting it we’re bound to lose species and resources that provide life. Vote left for change, the majority and the place you live.