Just Girly Things


Maleiah Ewert

Womens History Month Info graphic made with Canva. Lipstick and other decals presented.

As I put on my red lipstick to get ready for the new day, I think to myself, ‘why do I do this? ’Why do I wear makeup when people say it’s too much, that I’m a “try hard,” they like me “better naturally?” Then I remember how much fun it is waking up and having art a part of my daily routine. Another thing comes to my mind as I realize how I feel like, “today is going to be a good day,” when I do a dramatic wing. It’s not like I’m insecure. I love myself without makeup. I just love makeup. 

As I begin wiping the dark red lipstick off, I remember all of the women who got murdered for wearing red lipstick and rouge.  Men thought women were working with the devil and were witches for wanting to enhance their beauty. Women who wore makeup were completely evaded. 

Men then saw it upon themselves to take makeup for their use only. It was a social normality for men to wear makeup for performances and even day to day life for the first class citizens.  If women did wear makeup, well God forbid if a girl ever wore makeup, who do they think they are, trying to deceive a man like that? 

It’s strange to me how much society can change.  Women took back their makeup and now use it as a form of art or daily self reflection.  Now we have gotten to a point that men and women wear makeup on a regular basis. Society is changing and each day we’re closer to complete equality.

As I put on my heels and skirt continuing to get ready for the day, I think to myself, ‘why am I wearing this?’ People will say I try too hard, but in reality, I just love fashion.  I then remember when men wore heels and skirts as it was a social normality. Women did not wear these things as it was frowned upon.  

As I continue to get ready for the day, I remind myself how thankful I am to be able to express myself with fashion, makeup and hair without the worries of getting excommunicated.  I ditch the red lipstick and go for a bright purple.  I ditch the skirt and low heels and go for the most flamboyant dress I own along with the highest pair of shoes in my closet. I do this because I love it.  Fashion makes me happy. And as I wear my look that I’ve worked so hard on, I remember that this is for all the women that couldn’t.