Kyra Byrd: Balancing her future with fun


Kyra Byrd, a junior here at McPherson High School is balancing her stressful future while still having fun as a teenager.  Byrd has many responsibilities and tasks she has to tackle on a daily basis. Kyra Byrd is a certified nurse aide and is taking sixteen college credit hours through Hutch Community college.  Byrd also has a part time job at Brookdale as a CNA.

Byrd is also involved in multiple school activities.  She is currently vice president of the JAG-K class at MHS, Jobs of America Graduates Kansas. She plans to run for MHS JAG-K president her senior year and hopes to become the Kansas state president for JAG-K, as well. Byrd said, “I’m running for regional president this year, March 3rd, and I have big hopes.”

Byrd is involved in Forensics.  Byrd said, “I compete in duo and pros.  Duo is competitive acting with a partner, and pros is a competitive book event.”  Byrd is in an international club and track team. With so much involvement in school, some may wonder, how can you balance the work with the fun? Byrd said, “It’s important to do heavy planning, maintaining motivation, avoid procrastination, but make sure to take time out for yourself.”

Though it may seem like school takes up all of her time, Byrd loves spending time with her friends driving around town, attending games and other school activities.  Byrd is also an active member of the Church of Brethren. Byrd said, “I attend youth groups and Sunday worship regularly. I’m also going to NewYork and Washington D.C with the church.”