MHS Sports Cancelled Due to Weather


Katelyn Mintzer

McPherson High School parking lot.

All McPherson events were canceled due to weather on Friday, January 11. All sports are undecided for rescheduling. Road conditions are getting worse. People had to scrap their cars after school Friday due to ice. 

Sports that were canceled are freshman girls and boys basketball, JV and Varsity boys and girls basketball, and wrestling. Arriana Gross, girl wrestler, sophomore said, “On Friday I thought it was necessary but on Saturday I didn’t think it was. I was happy because we had a break but also a little sad because it’s such a fun tournament.”

Andrew Hallgarth, a point guard on JV, sophomore said, “I do think it was necessary because of icy and dangerous road conditions.” Athletes are hoping for a rescheduling of their games.Taylinn Buettgenbach, JV basketball player, post, sophomore said,¨Yes, I do feel it was necessary to cancel the games because the ice was already bad by lunch and by the time we would have gotten home the ice would have been worse and we would have to spend more time scrapping our cars before we could get home.¨ Come support the MHS athletes.  Basketballs next game will be held at MHS on Tuesday, January 14. Girls wrestling have a dual against Topeka Washburn rural on Tuesday as well and on Thursday they are at MHS against Circle.