Are video games really causing violence in teens?


Lara Croft from the game “Tomb Raider”

Tylor Johnson , staff writer

As many people know, some people think that video games that involve fights and battling are responsible for violence in teens. I believe that’s a complete and utter lie. Many teens play video games that can be violent but don’t turn out to be violent themselves. 

Whenever I play games I do it as a stress reliever. Most times if something had happened earlier that day that got my emotions all crazy then I will end up playing a game like either “Tomb Raider,” Call of Duty, ”Skyrim”, or ”Grand Theft Auto”. Even with playing games like that I’m not violent and haven’t gotten into any fights. 

”Grand Theft Auto” is one example, it’s all about stealing cars, committing crimes, and various other things which are considered to be bad for children. More than most people who end up playing games like that don’t become violent if they weren’t already. Yes, other people may disagree with the adult related content in this game. 

Another example could be “Call of Duty”, it’s all about hunting down the enemy side and killing them. Many people over the years have played it and I doubt that they have become violent towards others just for playing that game. Video games are not the reason for violence in teens, I may not know why some of them are more violent than others but I can say from personal experience that video games do not cause violence to form in teens who play them.