How to Get Started Making Music


Skyler Porter

Maybe, you want to be a rapper, or a singer, or maybe even a lo-fi beat maker, but you have no idea where to even start. Well if you are truly determined and think you have what it takes, then you should read this. 

If by chance you’re still reading this and really do want to pursue music. Then there are a few (somewhat) simple steps. 

Probably the easiest step is to find your own style, something that makes you stand out and be unique in the music world. 

Find inspiration in beats on the internet and try to freestyle and hum little choruses. See what fits your vocal range too. 

Unless you would prefer to be a producer, then you should probably look somewhere and take online lessons, or even YouTube tutorials of how to learn to use beat making software.

Once you find , whatever it may be, you need to find a community. Don’t be afraid to show off your work and find other artists that are in the same style. Contact managers of other artists, collaborate and get ideas form experienced artists. They most likely know what they are doing more than you. 

Try your beat to stand out and be yourself, tell people about what you made, and make sure whatever you made you are proud of. You don’t want to show off something that you don’t enjoy yourself.

Also, keep the mindset that you will never make it anywhere in the music industry. If you make one song and expect yourself to get signed to a major record label within a week, the chances of that happening are very slim. Actually work for what you want in life, its not like you’re going to sell out stadium shows and blow up in a month. Make music a passion in your life and don’t expect everyone to love you right away, there will always be haters.

Above everything else, you need to have people that will support you through it all. People who will back you up and help you. Just one person who says they like what you made can change your music forever.

Don’t give up if people say your music is “trash” or anything to downgrade you, just see what you did wrong and fix and improve. You got this, no matter what follow your passion, and even if it isn’t in music still try your best and don’t give up.