Ashton Nicole Casey


Ashton Nicole Casey is professionally known as Ashnikko. She’s an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Ashnikko was born on February 19, 1996, in Oak Ridge, NC. Though she grew up in the town of Greensboro where her parents introduced her to Slipknot.

She rose to stature and fame with her 2019 hit single “Stupid” with Yung Baby Tate. This song gained the most popularity on TikTok. In an interview with NME(, she says she’s very grateful about people using her songs on Tik Tok, but she will never make songs or sounds specifically for Tik Tok. The idea “makes me sick to my stomach,” she says.

Sadly, when it comes to her other songs most people are unaware of their existence. She just recently released her newest duo of songs “Panic Attacks in Paradise” and “Maggots.” When on NME Ashnikko says, “I wrote that song (Maggots) with Oscar Scheller and Tom Slinger, two of my main collaborators.” She goes on to describe this song that she wrote in February as sounding like, “very angry fairy music.”

In another interview with NME(, she says she released the songs as a duo because they both exemplify how she feels when she is upset, “(When) I’m really going through it I cry, but then also rage.” Another reason she gives as to why she released them as a pair is due to “Panic Attacks in Paradise” being a more serious song while its partner “Maggots” is a bit more light-hearted and fun. She was quite anxious about releasing “Panic Attacks in Paradise” because of how vulnerable sounding it is, but her fans say it’s a beautiful song, and they can relate to the lyrics.

Labels: Digital Picnic; Parlophone; Warner