MHS Student Are Now Being Caught off Task In Class Because Of An App Called DyKnow



DyKnow is wanting to keep students on task

Students at McPherson High School have fewer opportunities for getting off task during class. Many teachers are now using an app called DyKnow. DyKnow is a classroom management software that helps teachers keep students on task. This software has been trying to help the teacher defeat distractions in their classrooms caused by student devices in ten years. DyKnow holds students accountable and allows teachers to multitask. The overall rating for this software is 4/5 and the reviews are about 88% positive. 

Teachers can now block sites straight from their computers without telling the student. With this software, teachers have a screen pulled up on their computer and will alert them if a student gets off task. Teachers say they catch students playing games, watching Netflix, and  Youtube. Students should be focused on education more with the help of DyKnow. DyKnow gives teachers the tools they need to proactively and responsively monitor and manage the content students have access to on their Chromebooks. Carol Nelson said, “DyKnow works with PowerSchool to create users, classes, and enrollments. Teachers just need to login and can start monitoring.”

Dyknow is like having a dedicated classroom aid and enhances teacher control so they can maintain student attention and minimize digital distractions. Melissa Mintzer, a Junior at MHS said, “If they want us to feel like mature and responsible teenagers then they shouldn’t have to use DyKnow. I don’t think that dyknow gives you any privacy.” DyKnow might be the answer to student education and the way the teachers teach.