Modeling For Success


Rob Greg

Taylor Buehrle modeling at Kansas City Fashion Week, living her career dream.

There’s no doubt that High School is hard.  It’s a time where everyone is trying to fit in yet find who they truly are.  For some people, their dreams come naturally and they don’t stop till they’re in motion.  

Taylor Buehrle is a Sophomore at McPherson High School and an aspiring model.  She has a dream to be not only a model, but a role model for other children. Buehrle said, “I want to be someone that people look up too. I want to be a role model for younger girls who want to model.”

Figuring out that she wanted to be a model was the easy part. “I fell in love with being in front of the camera at a very young age. I knew <modeling> was for me.”  She put her pursuit of her modeling career in motion. “I started with <joining> at Models and Images in Wichita, Kansas.  

Signing up at Models and Images brought Buehrle’s experiences that every beginning model dreams of getting.  Buehrle started with having photoshoots and modeling classes. She then got an unforgettable experience getting to model in the Kansas City Fashion Week shows. “It was a dream. Having everyone’s support and having the people who helped me is why I made it. I loved my designers and their new lines.”

Reach for your dreams, I never thought that I would actually make it into the modeling industry, but here I am. Hard work pays off! ”

— Taylor Buehrle

Juggling school, life, and career goals is a lot of work.  Buehrle always said, “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When I miss school I have to be able to work hard and make it up. It is all 100% worth it.”  Being very goal oriented gives a lot to work for. “My dream goal is to sign with New York and go to Milan to do some work as well.”  

Though being a model is Buehrle’s main goal, her underlying means are much greater.  Buehrle said, “I want to be the reason others are inspired, that is my number one goal in life.”  Many students in High School are pursuing their dreams and career goals as they continue with school. 



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