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Free College

Andrea Sweat

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Andrea Sweat
Although the idea of “free” college is appealing, it is simply not attainable. If college becomes free, enrollment will increase requiring more taxpayer funding. As prices flux the quality of post secondary education will lower because of amount of supply. When the court is determining what is best for our country, I hope they look at it as a whole and see that the middle class will be the ones suffering.
     If “free” college is wanting to be made accessible for all, would that include technical college as well? While there are many options for post secondary education ie juco, private and public university some candidates are not well suited for a 4 year program. Would additional school beyond that be included as well? For some, post secondary schooling is the foundation and first steps in a career in medicine, law or dentistry. These are the type of things the government will have to address when making such a huge decision.
     College is a privilege. Some students don’t care about their studies and/or future even at a high school level. Students in the United, States are immensely blessed for schooling opportunities. While many kids all around the world are not given the resources to obtain even an elementary education. There are a lot of ways for students to seek financial aid. For example, academic and athletic scholarships. This is a lot different than the idea of “free” college. Nothing in life is free. The benefits that a mastery education gives outweighs the cost of college.

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Free College