McPherson High School Football & Marching Band

McPherson High School Football:

McPherson High School football currently has a record of 7-1. We will be starting the first play-off game Friday October 27, 2022. The game will be at home at the McPherson College Stadium. Our football team will be competing against Mulvane. The game will start at 7pm. McPherson High has already played against Mulvane earlier this year and we won 46-21. If we beat Mulvane on Friday, we will be hosting the next 2 play-off games!  

McPherson High School Marching Band:

At the end of the football game on Friday, the McPherson High school Marching Band will be performing their halftime show. Instead of having the regular halftime show the band will be doing a “glow show” with all of the lights off. We would be doing it during halftime if the stadium lights would turn back on faster. We will have glow sticks all over our bodies and all around our instruments, then we will perform. The Vangothem’s were very generous and bought the band 5,000 glow sticks! That is 50 for each marcher!