Meeting the Students at MHS-Audra Givens

Meet Audra Givens!

Audra said that one of the best things about MHS are the people and classes.  She said that all of the people have amazing attitudes and there are amazing classes that middle school never had.  She also said that people here are always such great friends and always have each other’s backs.

When I asked Audra about why she thought that she said it’s because no one should ever feel like they don’t belong.  There are so many people out there with horrible lives, and she wants to make them feel the best that they possible can.

Audra also said that because of all the great people at MHS there are always amazing people who have your back.

Audra also mentioned that all the great teachers are also what make MHS so fun.  They always help you when you need help and they are always looking out for you when you need someone to talk to about something personal.