Ground Zero: Furry Heroes

21 years ago was one of the most tragic days in American history, 9/11.  We all know what happened and have heard many heartbreaking stories.  Today I will be sharing the story of our furry heroes. Rescue dogs were used to sniff out survivors on 9/11. Many dogs would get very depressed because of the lack of survivors they would find and the smells of death. They also think they were so sad because the owners were so depressed. Firefighters and rescuers would hide in the rubble for the dogs to find them so they wouldn’t be so sad that they weren’t finding people. The dogs not only helped find people, but they also lifted the spirits a little.  In such a dark time those dogs were able to bring comfort to many people. They started the searches with bigger dogs like German Shepards and Golden Retrievers but then switched to smaller dogs like border collies because they were lighter and could fit into smaller spaces. The last 9/11 rescue dogs died in 2013 but their memories live on forever.






image-The New York Times