McNally’s Community Connections Class Talks To Seniors Through Windows

On Wednesday October 21st, Ms. McNally’s community connections class volunteered to have window visits with a couple Cedar’s residents. They went and sat outside the windows and with the residents and talked through the phone for a whole class period.

In a interview with Ms. McNally stated that “this was the best they could do this year because of the nursing home regulations for Covid 19. She says in the years before the class went everyday and did tons of community service while visiting and making the residents smile.

McNally said says the activity director at the Cedar’s reached out to her in hopes of doing window visits. McNally said ” I was proud to see my students interacting naturally and having such good conversations. Junior, Michael Santillen said “I love old people so connecting with them during this hard time was very specials especially because many can not see their families”

In this elective at McPherson High School called community connections you can leave the building with permission or just stay here and volunteer with many different things. In order to graduate you need 40 hours of community service and this class helps you accomplish this goal with less stress and a designated time to get it all done.