Claudia Conway, A Young Political Advocate


Claudia Conway, the daughter of Kellyanne Conway who’s the former counselor of President Trump, is known as the “Internet’s Political Hero.” Though her mother is a Trump supporter and happens to be the President’s former counselor does not stop Claudia discussing her political views, which happens to be very opposite from her mothers. Claudia is well known on the social media app, Tik Tok. Being a fan of hers myself, I can say that Claudia simply speaks her mind.

Claudia Conway is a 15 year old teen from New Jersey. Many people are so shocked that she has so much political knowledge at such a young age. Having a mother so involved in politics surely helps. Kellyanne Conway was tested positive for CoronaVirus after president Trump was also tested positive. Claudia took this information straight to Tik Tok before the press even knew the news, and announced her mother’s diagnosis. This event came as a shock to the public as this information is supposed to be given to the public through Kellyanne herself. Kellyanne tweeted the news after the fact of the information leak.

Claudia has been trending on the social media app Twitter as she raises questions about Donald Trump’s health. Claudia posted a Tik Tok video stating that Donald Trump isn’t being honest about his medical condition when he says ‘he’s great.’ President Trump tweeted about his Covid update saying he’s feeling extremely well. Claudia claimed his condition is far more dire than Trump is willing to tell the American people.

  Many teens and young adults on the Tik Tok app are fans of Claudia as she states her opinions on social matters and political matters. Claudia believes that having a voice is important and yet her mother is a part of the Trump Administration, does not have any effect on what she will say. She simply will state her views regardless of her mothers as she believes we should all do the same.