MHS Football Boys Kicking Off The Season With A Win

McPherson football Varsity boys came back strong from a long summer and won their first game of the season against Salina South. The ending score was 45-25 at the McPherson college Stadium on Friday, September 4.

Jaytin Gum, Sophomore at MHS said, “I would change how we came out in the first half and play with more energy like we did in the second half.”

This year, due to Covid-19, the administrators only allowed 700 people in the stadium. Masks were required for all except for the football boys, i34832Hi-Steppers, and the cheerleaders. Everyone was required to order a wrist band online to keep track of the fans. If you did not have a wrist band, you could not get into the game. 

Kori Courtney, Junior at MHS said, “I think it’s smart for masks to be required because of everything going on but it’s hard to cheer and be loud. I think the football team did fine for being such a confusing time. Personally I don’t know if masks are helping Because so many people I see don’t actually wear them. The excitement wasn’t all there because there wasn’t a whole lot of people there.” 

Although the student section couldn’t be as big as usual, the student found a way to be loud and support their team with a little number of people. The theme for this game was ‘Hawaiian/pool party’

Jacie Myers, Senior at MHS said, “I don’t personally like wearing a mask but I do, it’s not for me but the people around me and if it helps then why not wear it. I think that they could have been more sanitize stations around the park and maybe figured out a way to let more people in. if everyone were to follow the rule to wear your mask, i think it would help the situation but not a whole lot of people do so it’s not really helping at the moment. I think the football team played different with less people in the student section because it was less excitement and intensity as you usually expect there to be.”