It Gets Better’s, Justin Tindall has video call with McPherson Highschools GSA club


Amanda Harrison

Photo taken from the video call

Many schools try to hide education about the LGBTQ+ from their students, it’s as if they are trying to push it into a corner so it’s hidden as if it doesn’t exist. I believe that it’s important to educate teens about the LGBTQ+ or at least have a support system for open and or closeted teens so that they can have a sense of at least some comfort.


Today’s youth needs to be educated on the LGBTQ+ community and what it includes. Some people don’t fully understand it so therefore there should be at least some education required at every school. Luckily McPherson High School has a club for support called GSA(Gay-Straight Alliance). Recently we had a meeting where we did a video call with Justin Tindall who works with the “It gets better” organization. They help show people that it does get better sooner or later. 


If you’re in a homophobic or transphobic household then you can go to their page and look over some of the things they have to say about their personal situations. Most people on that site are living proof that it does get better. I believe it’s a good idea to expose even LGBTQ+ people to these kinds of things because it can offer them some comfort so that they don’t feel like they are alone.