Senior Wrestler Rhett Edmonson at MHS



Rhett Edmonson wrestling

  1. How long have you been wrestling?
    15 years
  2.  How did you get started doing wrestling? My dad wrestled all his life so I was destined to wrestle and when I turned of age to join a club to wrestle for. He signed me up and got me involved.
  3. How has wrestling changed your life? Wrestling has changed my life by being a way to bond with my family. Wrestling is a very demanding sport so it took up a lot of my time. As a child, my dad would take me to Salina three nights a week to practice. Along with that, my father and I would practice on our own when I didn’t have practice at salina. I was always committed to wrestling so every night we would run two miles and lift weights on our own. This allowed me to be in prime condition and strength. Every single weekend we would go to a tournament ranging from two hours to four hours away. I was always thankful for how committed my family was. My mother and sister came to every single tournament of mine and supported me. Wrestling has kept me out of trouble. It was a way to take all of my energy out. Wrestling has shown me ample amounts of life lessons not only getting me in shape. Discipline, responsibility, respect, and hard work. Wrestling has completely changed my life.
  4. How do you deal with multiple sport athletes? One sport at a time. I focus on the sport I am in, knowing that it will benefit me for the next one. This allows to give all my effort and compete at a competitive level. I deal with schoolwork by using my time wisely. I use the small amount of time to the max.
  5. What other sports do you do? Soccer and Tennis
  6. What do you do to stay in shape in between seasons? I run. Two miles every day. After running I lift weights to push my muscles to the max.
  7. What are your goals in wrestling? Undefeated State Champion. My goals are to not give up a point all season.