MHS’s Ban On Food Deliveries

McPherson High recently announced it would no longer be allowing students to have food delivered to the school.

Macyn Ward

McPherson High recently announced it would no longer be allowing students to have food delivered to the school.

On September 20, 2019, MHS announced “We are no longer allowing food to be ordered and delivered to school from any restaurant. If food is delivered, it will be sent back to the restaurant.” This announcement applies to all students and staff, although seniors and staff are still allowed to leave school grounds to get food themselves during lunch. 

This decision upset many students. Some students would order food because they either weren’t able to bring a sack lunch from home, or forgot, and they didn’t want to eat the food the school provides due to allergies or dietary restrictions. Or simply because they don’t find the food all that appealing.

The punishment of ordering food is having it sent back to the restaurant, which was also met with strong opinions from students. “You just made a bunch of people work to make you food,” said Cheyenne Yardley, a sophomore. Once the food is prepared for the intended receiver, most restaurants end up throwing it away if it’s sent back, therefore wasting both the food and the employee’s time.

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We have the right of freedom, and we should get the freedom to get food that’s not high school food.”

— Payton Hamilton, Freshman

However, some of the adults in the school see it in a different light. The majority of the time, delivery people will arrive while the student is still in class. And unless the student prepaid, they would need to be pulled from class in order to pay, which disrupts their learning environment. “We just want to limit those distractions for students,” said Tyson Kendrick, the Assistant Principal of MHS. 

For the students hoping the policy will get changed again, don’t get your hopes up. Unless you would be willing to start a petition or some other form of peaceful protest to try to get them to change their minds. However, if you still really want food from restaurants, parents and guardians are allowed to bring food up to the front office for you.

Do you think the ban on deliveries from restaurants to the school is fair?

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