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Currently students at MHS believe the dress code is unfair.


Currently students at MHS believe the dress code is unfair.

Kaylea Herrman, Photo Editor

Dress code has been a controversial issue at MHS for years however, recently students have noticed some unfairness in the reports being made. Whether a student was wearing a short skirt, short shorts, or their shoulders were showing, people have started realizing these rules are not applying to everyone.

One of the many issues about our dress code system at MHS are the rules applying to females as well as males. Staff are quick to make reports on females at MHS however, when it comes to a males choice in clothing it is generally overlooked. Speaking to Sophomore, Analicia Rocha on this topic, she said, “Yes there is clothes that are very inappropriate, but the majority of the time the dress code is mainly for girls. Because of this, girls can’t wear the things they want to wear and shoulders are going to “turn guys on” at school.” In my opinion, this issue is very real. You will never see a male student complaining about being dress coded, but it is a daily occurrence for a female to. These kinds of biased outlooks are what makes the dress code corrupt.

Another considerably large issue at MHS is some females getting dress coded for breaking a rule while other females do not. If one student is going to get away with wearing something inappropriate, it isn’t fair to others when they get dress coded for something minimal. Speaking to Junior, Hope Wehrman, she said, “I got dress coded because my shorts were too short even though I’ve worn them before throughout the school year. Other people wear way worse things and they don’t get dress coded.” This kind of inconsistency is what makes students think that dress code is unfair and temps them not to respect the rules that are set. Assistant principal, Mr.Backhus, said, “I’m sure it happens a lot, It depends on whose classroom you walk into and if that staff member sees it and addresses it.”

Dress code is something students have to consider daily before going to school. Even if they are showing a small amount of skin, they have to change if they don’t want dress coded. Many girls at MHS struggle with these issues while others get away with it. It’s the inconsistency that makes our dress code unfair. Either none of us get in trouble for breaking a rule, or we all do. Do you think the dress code is unreasonable?

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