‘Us’ Will Have You Jumping Out of Your Seat

Us movie poster

‘Us’ movie poster

Maleiah Ewert, Staff Writer

Run Time: 2h 1m


Released: March 22nd, 2019


Rating: R


Genre: Horror


Budget: 20 million


The Wilson family goes on a family vacation with their friend the Tyler’s, to Santa Cruz. On a day with a ton of beach fun, the mother Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o), starts to get a weird feeling. Being weary she confides to her husband Abraham (Winston Duke). That evening they hear a strange noise and look outside.  They see a family standing in their driveway holding hands. After some more investigation they realize the family looks exactly like them.


The movie ‘Us’ is a fantastic horror movie by Jordan Peele.  Peele has worked on many other movies including ‘Get Out’. Peele’s unique writing and directing skills have people astonished. He draws from classic movies for inspiration and makes his movies universal so everyone can relate. Peele only casts African American actors and actresses as lead characters.  This is one of the many reasons so many people fall in love with his work.


‘Us’ is scary, thrilling, and has many secret messages to be unraveled. If your a fan of horror movies this is a must see. It’ll have you jumping out of your seat and your mind racing.  You can still catch it in theaters or wait until June 2019 when it’s available on DVD and Blu ray.