The Importance of High School Journalism


Maleiah Ewert, Staff Writer


The definition of journalism is the act of writing news related subjects.  Journalism comes in many forms, such as radio, newspaper, photography, etc, but all forms give crucial updates and information. Journalism is not only important in everyday life, but journalism is also valuable in High Schools everywhere.

Journalism is important to people all over the world.  Often times journalism is looked at as an invisible fourth branch to the government.  Journalists play an important role in society. They go to government meetings with the president, talk to the public and travel to different countries just to report back the information to the public so the people can stay informed in world altering news.  If we didn’t have any form of journalism, no one would know important information.

Though journalism is very important, the popularity of journalism is not wide spread. Journalism often gets a bad reputation with fake and bias news.  Journalists get attacked and killed all over the world. In some countries they do not have the first amendment, “Free Speech For The Press.” This causes more journalists to get harmed which leads to a disfavor of journalism all together.

“I think journalism is really important and a lot of people overlook journalism’s importance in our everyday lives.””

— Hannah Ewert

The benefits of strong journalism programs in schools not only affect future journalists but, also influences kids interested in other fields. Journalism programs teach grammar, literature, fluency in writing, and much more necessary writing skills. English classes even started implementing journalism programs in their class so students can better grasp concepts. Journalism programs in High Schools help kids develop better writing skills which will help them in whatever future they picture for themselves.