Women’s History Month Almost 40 Years of Celebrating Woman


Maleiah Ewert, Staff Writer

Women’s history month is dedicated to commemorate the woman who changed the world, women who have to work twice as hard as men, women with unequal opportunities, women of all races

Maleiah Ewert

and women with all identities.  

Women’s history month originated in 1981 starting as women’s history week.  Joey Ruppert, a resource officer at MHS said, ¨It’s great that we’re finally celebrating the woman that shape our country and not just the men.¨

It took many protests and petitions by different organizations to reach the goal of getting a Women’s history month.  Since the 80’s, Presidents have issued annual proclamations designating the month of March as Women’s history month. Mike Reith, a math teacher at MHS said,¨ Woman are very important and they play an important role. There’s a lot of important woman in history that made a lot of impacts in a variety of different ways.¨

Often times Women’s history month is not as celebrated as it should be. Blenda O´dell, a teacher a MHS said, ¨Woman are super important. It’s definitely not celebrated enough. There <are so many> amazing woman that can ever fit in to just that month.¨