MHS Gossip Account



Rumors are being spread at MHS about students. A new Instagram account was made for spreading this negativity.

Kaylea Herrman, Staff Writer

Kaylea Herrman
Instagram account posting bad things about students at MHS.

Cyberbullying being a big problem among teens, the popular social media site ‘Instagram’ can be a big outlet. Bullying online can affect people in ways the person typing it couldn’t even imagine. From suicide to depression, posting things online or texting people things that can hurt them in any way will always end badly. Joey Rupert, resource officer at MHS said, “Cyberbullying is not cool and it’s way more harmful than actual person to person contact bullying. As far as what you guys as students can do, block them. Really honestly what else can you do except report them.” Something that went on among the students at MHS I strongly believe was cyberbullying.

Recently, an account was made on Instagram for spreading rumors about MHS students. The account “mhsteaspiller”, stated in their bio that anyone could DM them any gossip they knew about students at the school and they would post it anonymously. Many of the MHS students reacted and began to send in rumors they heard about people and just plain mean statements. The account gaining followers quickly, this was something all the students were talking about. The account has since then been taken down however, many other “teaspiller” accounts were made.

In my opinion, a lot of the things posted were not something you would say to someone’s face so why would they would post them at all? The students sending in the gossip were just as guilty as the person running the account, they were just giving them a platform for the rumors to go on. Speaking to freshman Hannah Ewert, a student that was posted about, said,

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“I felt hurt that someone would do that to people, we already have so much drama going on in or school and we don’t need any more. I think its died down a little but I think everyone just needs to stop talking about it so it can get better.””

— Hannah Ewert

Speaking of things getting better, another account was made for creating more positivity at MHS. The account “mcphersonhighpositivity” says in their bio to send them something positive about someone that you would like to appreciate. Many sweet messages have been sent in about students at the school and this is by far a better way to use social media. The anonymous account runner, said, “I made this account to help people see that we are equal, and I know people are making fun of this account, but that’s not stopping me. I want to help people who feel like they can’t do anything to stop bullying. I want an end to that. I made this because I wanted it to be a safe and welcoming place! I just want people’s voices to be heard.”

The gossip account was something that should never have been made and that shouldn’t even have to be said. A lot of students were hurt by the things that were posted and I’m glad there are accounts being made to help students feel better about the situation. I hope the students can all learn from this. Cyberbullying, whether they meant it or not, is never something you want to do.