MHS Redesign


Kaylea Herrman

MHS locker pod area being remodeled into a student study lounge.

Kaylea Herrman, Staff Writer

The McPherson High School, along with many other schools in the state of Kansas will be redesigning by adding a student study lounge, changing the schedule, and including some project based learning to the school. A select group of students and teachers are meeting regularly during 5th hour to talk about this redesign for the high school. Jonah Clarke, Junior at MHS said, “You can tell that the MHS faculty is seeking to improve the school and the students in it as well. We are hoping to find a schedule soon and get it figured out.”

Some of the proposed changes would be to the two locker pods closest to the AC. This area may be transformed into a study space for the students since most students at MHS barely use their lockers. The students that would like to utilize their lockers could then use the other lockerpods in the back of the building. The area will then become a space for the students to enjoy. It would have couches and TVs for the students to practice presentations on as well as plants for the students to take care of. Painting is also something that they want to do to bring the area together. Alexa Allen, Freshman at MHS said, “The space is very dull and it would help add some color to the school as well as get students community service hours if they help paint.”

The team also wants to do block schedules on Tuesdays and Thursdays so the students can have some more project based learning time. On these Wednesdays and Thursdays something called “Bullpup Time” was mentioned were teachers can request to see you to catch up on work or retake tests. Many of the students think this would be a very helpful thing to incorporate into the schedule. Riley Higgins, Sophomore on the redesign team said, “I think the redesign is necessary because the teachers can help you work on your grades for a lot of us that aren’t doing good in our classes.”

With this redesign MHS is hoping to show some big improvements for the year of 2019. Mrs.Stucky, teacher on the redesign team said, “I believe that both students and staff will benefit from redesign.  I think that a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to redesign because with redesigning comes with a lot of change. However, I don’t think change is always a bad thing and I think there is a lot of good that will stem from it.”

Kaylea Herrman
MHS lunch room closest to the locker pod area.
Kaylea Herrman
Locker pod area being remodeled into a student study lounge.