The Truth About School…

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll live its whole life believing it is stupid.”-Albert Einstein

A class room full of kids learning, in the 1900's.


A class room full of kids learning, in the 1900's.

Maleiah Ewert

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School is a wondrous but disastrous place. We all have to go, so we should all know the truth about school.  School was originally designed to be like a like a factory.  They designed it like that because back then, most people after school went to go work in a factory.  When we’re done with school, we can get right to work because we’ll all be used to the systems and how a factory works.  Even the way how the desks are aligned, how we were graded, and how the teachers lecture us are designed like a factory. Even though we have the advances in technology, they still don’t change how school works.  Right now, school is still functioning the same way as it was when they first started school. The school system is basically teaching us to go right into a factory. They’re teaching us for the past, not for the future.  

Our jobs in this economy have drastically changed.  The newer generations are now looking at more creative jobs rather than factory or office jobs.  The kids mind sets, are changing, but the schools still have not adapted to our minds. There’s currently one school in America that’s trying the more creative way of teaching our new and improved generations.  The High school is called High Tech High located in California.  They are teaching a new, innovative way. They have seen great improvements and kids are wanting to learn.  Sadly, the other schools in America can’t change because, this is only being tried in a few places. But, Kansas Schools are starting to do  “redesigns.” What that means, is that some schools are starting to do more of a creative way of teaching, and changing some things on the grading scale.

But, the Kansas redesign process takes time and the lack of options are leaving kids to switch to online, home, or charter schooling for a more creative approach adjust to their learning needs.  The rates of kids switching to one of these choices are increasing by the minute. It’s shown that home schooled/online schooled students are succeeding in academics more than kids in public school. Online school/homeschool is taking the non traditional way of teaching, and helping them succeed in what they’re passionate about and not setting them up for the past.

This is the truth about school and our school system.  Our school system is confusing and messed up from the way we grade and test our students, how we set up the classrooms, how we under pay teachers, and many more.   Of course there’s good things about school like dances and making friends, but it’s time to change how school works. We need to be prepared for the future, and not be set up for the past. This is the truth about school.

“School is designed like a cookie cutter, trying to shape us into something we’re not.”-Prince Ea.”

— -Prince Ea