Big Event= Big Success

  On Wednesday, April 4, McPherson High School packed away the textbooks and quizzes and took part in a day of giving back to the community. The Big Event was organized by the McPherson Student Council and after weeks of phone calls and meetings, the day was a success. Students and teachers from every grade level traveled to different destinations to help with everything from gardening to playing board games with the elderly to collecting E-waste.

  “We went to MCDS and it was amazing!” exclaimed senior Abby Denshaw. “My favorite part was just getting to see their faces light up when we talked to them and danced.”

 Throughout the day students partook to volunteering in a variety of ways. Among the favorites were spending time at the YMCA and cleaning at the McPherson Humane Society.

  “I went to New Beginnings, played games and did crafts with the special needs,” junior Thomas Smith said. “It went very well! The most successful part of the day was seeing the smiles on their faces.”

  After all the students and teachers returned from volunteering, they were greeted with a free lunch and ice cream served by the Student Council as a “thank you” for their hard work.

  “I think it went really well even though we had a couple of scares where we ran out of ice cream,” Student Council President Anna Bahr said. “It all worked out really well! I hope that StuCo continues to raise the overall student excitement, because the Big Event is a really great way for students to get involved in the community without having to find their own opportunities.”

  The Big Event takes many hours of hard work, and with the help of a dedicated Student Council, the event was a huge success.