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A Letter to The Upperclassmen: Prom!!

Heidi Myers, Staff Writer

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Are you ready for prom? Have you found the right dress, right date?

Stop fretting! Prom is far enough away and Pinterest is possibly your best friend during this time. But if you are already freaking out here are some beauty hacks, tips, and tricks to make your prom night the best it possibly can be.

  1. Find and check out all the best dresses of 2016.
  2. Start looking for hairdressers ahead of time. LIKE WAY BEFORE! Not only will it help decrease your anxiety during this time but if you have an idea of what you want to do, you can personally go in and ask if they are capable of doing it the way you want it!
  3. USE PINTEREST! Pinterest has the best makeup and hair inspiration out there!
  4. Get your friends and make a group you will feel comfortable with! Every single one of us have nightmares of having drama the night of prom. Get your gal pals with or without dates and make your own group!
  5. BOYS! Boys don’t pick up on hints sooooooooo don’t be afraid to make the biggest hint drops for them! OR DO IT YOURSELF! Honestly, nobody will think of you less if you ask the guy to prom instead of the other way around!
  6. Tan or don’t tan!?!? Don’t fake and bake yourself to the point you are orange in the middle of winter! It won’t look real and nobody will believe that you actually got that tan in the 50 degree weather of early spring!
  7. Don’t be afraid to dance the night away! You only look dumb when you stand in the back with your arms crossed acting like you are too cool to dance!
  8. DON’T MAKE PROM A BIGGER DEAL THAN IT IS! It is a night for fun and excitement! Don’t freak out if picture don’t go the way you want them to or if you spill food on your dress at dinner or if your date is in a bad mood! GO HAVE SAFE FUN!
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A Letter to The Upperclassmen: Prom!!