Holiday Preparations

Megan Manning


Holiday Rush

Certain families look at holidays differently than others do. I think that it is very split as far as which families prepare for Thanksgiving. For example, family coming into town or cooking food. Then there are the families who get ready for Black Friday; it all depends on your family. My family prepares for both, I don’t think there is an exact ratio as to who does what more.

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, parents, grandparents, and all of the family is preparing.For every family it is how and what they prepare for that makes them different. Some families don’t really think about preparing for Thanksgiving, seeing how it is just food and family gathering, whereas Black Friday is one step closer to Christmas. While they are totally different from each other, there is always someone who prefers one over the other.

Freshman Abbey Yianakopulos said, “ For Thanksgiving we go to my grandparents and eat, I think that preparing for Thanksgiving is more laid back than Black Friday.”

Whether your family makes room on the table for food or presents, it is important to stand behind your family for whatever they choose to get ready for. You might think they are crazy about it, but in the end you either get presents or food, either way it’s a reward.

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