Ping Pong Frenzy

Olivia Hansen, Co-editor

  Being one of the largest clubs in McPherson High School, ping pong club sets the stage for a fun school year. The idea was just a twinkle in the co-founders eye’s, Kye Brewer and Kento Aizawa, during freshman year band, but transformed into a fantastic club. Ping pong club meets once a month and it plans on attending a few tournaments over the course of the school year.



  “I hope to make ping pong club a social outlet available to anyone and everyone at MHS,” senior Kento Aizawa said. “Our goal is to make the high school better for students by providing opportunities for them to get involved in something that is fun and enjoyable. I plan to do so by having meetings and events that allow students to socialize and create a community that they can feel a part of.”

  The sport of table tennis (or ping pong) originated in Victorian England, where it was played by the upper class. The name “Ping Pong” was invented by the English firm J. Jaques and Son in the 1800’s and was later trade market by the Parker Brothers.

  “The ping pong club is actually student initiated and I had little to do with its development; however, some former students expressed interest in getting in started and I was happy to help them by being the sponsor,” ping pong Sponsor Caitlin Sheedy said. “In news that is probably surprising to no one, I am actually terrible at ping pong.  I have no hand eye coordination and I don’t know if I have ever played a full game, but I hope to improve my skills once we start playing.  If anyone is nervous about participating because they don’t think they are good enough, they can play me for a guaranteed first win.  The club is about building a community through this activity and not about competition.

  Ping pong Club is one of the most diverse MHS clubs, including everything from Varsity football players to the top contenders for Valedictorian! It also ranges from highly talented ping pong players, to people who can’t decipher a paddle from a net.

  “I see ping pong as a universal game, it’s simple, easy to learn, and easy to play,” senior Kye Brewer said. “This is why so many people from so many groups want to play the game! We’re hosting our big meeting in a few weeks, and look forward to the seeing the number of members go up even further.”

  McPherson High School ping pong club looks forward to the year ahead with paddles held steady, and Ping Pong balls flying high.