Soccer Boys Victory Against Hutchinson

Zaida Chapman and Heidi Myers

MHS soccer boys hosted a game against Hutchinson on September 24th, 2015. Previously, they beat Augusta with a final score of 4-1. The boys have a few difficulties that they intend on improving throughout the season.

“We had some problems out on the field like not talking to each other. Yesterday wasn’t a really good game for us as a team,” said senior varsity goalkeeper Sam Minnick.

Even though the boys didn’t communicate as well as they wanted against Augusta, they are willing to work on it for the Hutchinson game.

“They have really good outside forwards, so we are going to have to talk a lot if we want to win,” said senior Jamison Stout. “Our midfield is going to have to be on their game as well because they have some really good midfielders too. We just need to come out and play like we did against Salina South. We are going to have to be physical. If you don’t get the ball, then you get the player.”

“It’s harder for us to play against a better matched up team so I think we will come out fired up and ready to play,” said Jose Arriola. “Hutch is a good team but as long as we work together we will be fine.”

After experiencing the problems the team had with communication against Augusta, they were determined to stay focused and work as a team. The bullpups beat Hutchinson 1-0. Goal was scored by Patrick Munsey