This Weather Sucks

This weather sucks. I am truly over it. I am sure you are too.  This has been annoying. One day it’s nice enough to wear shorts and go on a walk, then the next day you got to get your coat back out. This week has been full of 40-60 degrees, and that’s been pretty nice and gave me hope that it would get warm finally. I was wrong. There is a coast-to-coast winter storm heading our way by Thursday. Early morning Friday we’re supposed to get light snow.  Saturday it’s supposed to rain. Great. On top of all of that, we get to start our spring break with a cloudy forecast. Spring shouldn’t be cloudy.  This is not fair. I can’t say I’m surprised about the forecast, Kansas typically likes to have this kind of back-and-forth weather. Here’s to hoping that it warms up soon because I know we all need summer to come faster.