Is “It Ends With Us” Worth the Read?

It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is a very popular young adult novel about a girl named Lily Bloom. Lily grew up watching her mother get abused by her father. Lily could never tell anyone about her home life until she met Atlas, a homeless 18 year old who is taking shelter at the abandoned house behind Lily’s. Lily grows up and eventually moves to Boston where she meets Ryle. Ryle is everything to Lily until Atlas reappears and throws everything out of whack. Recently, teens all over the US have been reading this “heartbreaking” book, but is it as good as readers claim it to be? I recently read the book and I wasn’t impressed to say the least. The plot was amazing, but the way it was written was just too playful for the seriousness of the topics touched on. Colleen Hoover has written some incredible books, to say “It Ends With Us” is her best one is inaccurate. “It just didn’t live up to the hype and the characters and the writing brought down the serious themes explored” says Shruti Sivashanmugam, a reader of the novel (Goodreads reviews). Overall, the book definitely did not live up to the craze coming from a person who has read many good romance stories.