Cody Achilles Lost 2 Minutes from Last Year time at Buhler

Kendall Shaw
Speedy Cody Achilles last year at home meet of 2019.

Courtney Eickbush, Staff Writer

On September 17, McPherson cross country had a meet in Hutchinson. Our runners mostly stuck together running through the rough course. 

For the boys varsity team we had Cody Achilles come in 8th with a time of 17:48. Last year he got a time of 19:53. That is 2 minutes and 5 seconds gone in a flash.  I asked Achilles how he felt about this course, for this will be his last time running this course, he simply replied ” I think everyone doesn’t enjoy the Buhler course, but I did pretty well this year. It is sad that I won’t be able to run there again, but we have more meets to look forward to this year.” 

The next meet is in McPherson September 24, at Wall Park. Come watch our Bullpups run for our high school at our house.