Trust issues and heartbreak


Trust issues and heartbreak

Trust issues and heartbreak. Heartbreak is something most of us go through at least once in our life, sometimes it sticks with us a lot. Heartbreak can make someone develop trust issues or make it worse, trust issues can be a factor that played into the heartbreak happening. Trust issues can also form from family members or friends breaking your trust and leaving multiple times.


The Depression Alliance explains trust issues as, Someone with trust issues often struggles to assume positive intent, or attributes mal-intent to the actions and decisions of others. It may be based on past experience, fear, or a desire to protect themselves from the pain of vulnerability or disappointment.” 


Some people with trust issues find it extremely hard to even trust their friends, they can have this mindset that everyone is going against them. They can tend to overthink any small argument even if it was playful. These people can tend to be more sensitive than others if the situation is bad enough. This can also cause social anxiety in some situations. It can feel as if everyone’s eyes are on you, judging you with everything they have. 


If you know anyone that could possibly have any of these or who just went through a heartbreak please be patient with them if they are hesitant to do things or don’t seem to have the same energy as they usually do.