The Community Comes Together to Celebrate The Long Lasting Tradition of All Schools Day

McPherson County has held All Schools Day for 106 years. McPherson County hosts a carnival during the week of all schools day.  They also host other fun events including May fate, Madonton, and the parade. Tailynn Buettgenbach, a freshman at McPherson High School said, “I enjoy watching the parade and all of the other festivities during All Schools day.”

Every year the town comes up with a theme for the floats. The community watching the parade vote for their favorite float.  Sophia Herrera, a freshman at McPherson HIgh School said, “My favorite float was Sonshine preschool because of all of the little kids.” The theme this year was “Share Your Story.” The winner was the Canton Galva Kindergarteners float.

Nearly 40,000 people in Mcpherson county celebrates All Schools Day. The McPherson community has grown together and worked hard on performances and floats ready to be enjoyed by the community. All schools day started in 1914 to celebrate 8th grade graduates.  The town continued the tradition making All Schools day an event to enjoy by many.