McPherson High School Girls Wrestlers

Katelyn Mintzer, staff writer

McPherson girls wrestlers won state at their tournament Saturday, February 9th. More than 200 girls packed in to the MHS roundhouse from 80 different schools all coming to try and win state.

The head coach of the girl wrestlers is Doug Kretzer, said “Our girls who are out for wrestling have deeply invested in improving their skills both in season, and in the offseason/summer.  These girls work their tails off every day in the room. They continuously work to get better after competition. Almost all of these girls are in SPS and participated in our summer camps and summer wrestling practices.  We say ‘you get out, what you put in’ and these girls have put in the time.”

Jaycee Rausch said “We have won state 3 times. It’s a great experience, all the girl wrestlers on the mat they will hate each other but off the mat they are good friends and they are always supporting each other. It’s an individual sport but the team is the best team sport out there and we are so close like family. There isn’t a girls wrestling team yet but we are getting it sanctioned so hopefully there will be soon.”

The wrestlers did good, The girls wrestlers have been working hard at practice and getting ready for state. Doug Kretzer said, “The goals since June was for our girls to be the best team in the state.  We had a specific plan to accomplish this goal. The girls invested in this plan, and had tremendous execution. Winning state has been our expectation all along.”
We are so glad out girls wrestling team did so well and we wish them luck next year.