Latest Food Trends – Everything Served in Bowls?

Alanna Golden

“Bowl that has the words, “2019 Food Trends” going into it. Colorful bubbles around the page.

Alanna Golden

Does food truly taste better depending on how it’s presented?

Food trends are constantly changing, depending on the strange appeal they offer to the people around the world. Often times, food trends can spread across states. They tend to be absurd concepts that may be very good or bad, which is decided by everyone’s own personal concept of tastes. People all around the world are constantly discovering new blends and mixtures that could possibly change a lot of peoples perspectives of certain culture’s foods. Strangely enough, sometimes it’s not completely depending on the food alone for whether people like it or not. Some people decide on if they like it depending on how it’s presented. Maybe that alone would explain why food being served in bowls is a generally better concept than to plate it, which seems a bit strange.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “Why a bowl?” Well, I’m not entirely sure either. It could be because it’s trendy or just looks pleasing as you scan over it seeing all of the food in different spots. You could place it in color order, or make it look very fancy; which could be very appealing to the viewers eyes. With it being in a bowl, it almost makes people tempted to eat the foods they might not enjoy as much, simply because it’s in a position where it looks really nice.

Bowl food might be tricking your mind, because of the way it’s strategically placed to look appetizing and pull in your interests. It looks very neat and clean, making people feel more welcomed to the dish, which is far better than being scared away by something scattered about and unappetizing. Naturally, any person can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing dish. What better to post on your social media than that anyways?

Some fast food places serve bowls with the ability to customize the food, letting the customers have the option to choose whatever they want to be in their order. Because of this option, plenty of people will feel more open to the overall option. Nothings better for a picky eater than being able to choose anything and everything they want to have offered for their meal.

These meals also tend to be pretty healthy if you’re wanting to go for a more benefiting option for your body. The best part is, even though they’re more healthy, they’re still very good and have all types of ingredients you may crave and want. Poke has been a trend in Hawaii and has spread its way farther into the United States. Not only does America have this type of trend, but so do many other countries. They may not be Poke as you know it, but it could be a different dish that’s also served in bowls. The best part of this dish is that anyone can put their own special twist on it, which changes depending on what type of culture they were raised with. It’s not strictly one countries food or another, which makes it a lot easier to access this around the world.

I think this is an awesome idea, and I would totally go out and try a meal like this without a second thought. I think this trend should grow more widespread into the more quiet towns that aren’t offered foods like that. I think it’d be a big hit for a good amount of time as well, if not forever.

So next time you go to a place that offers a meal like this, I advise that you go ahead and try it out, I certainly would! Plus, don’t get discouraged if you don’t like it from one place, because everyone prepares them differently!