Vegan Pizza and Recipe Links

Desire Epps, Staff Writer

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Veganism has grown heavily since 2014 and new recipes for almost everyone’s favorite food, pizza, needs to be known. Veganism is essentially not partaking in the consumption of animal based products.

Many people are seeing this life style as a healthy new beginning in their life. This article is simply a starter for new beginners in this style of life.

Here are a few Vegan Pizza recipes that might make this new journey easier for you.

   Spinach Artichoke  – Consisting of Spinach, Vegan Mozzarella Cheese, Artichokes, and more.


      This pizza idea is from on along with many exciting others and their original website.






Socca Pizza–  Doubles as Vegan and Vegetarian pizza. It is also completely dairy free, gluten free, and is high in plant protein.  


This pizza idea is from along with many exciting others along with their original website.







  Simple Vegan Pizza– Consisting of Bell Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms and more.


This can be found on along with many other Vegan recipes any person should try.






 Vegan Pizza with Cashew Cheese– Consisting of Red Onions, tomato Paste, and of course Cashew Cheese.


This recipe can be found on along with many others you need to try.





 Vegan Pizza Dough – This recipe is for the vegan pizza dough if you plan on making it from scratch.


This recipe can be found on along with so many more vegan recipes for all your favorite dishes.







                       All Images are owned by the creator along with the recipes.







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