The Most Disliked Video on YouTube

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The Most Disliked Video on YouTube

Alanna Golden

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For many years, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” was the most disliked video on YouTube. It got about 1.17 million dislikes as of 2011. Plenty of people dislike Justin Bieber for their own reasons, but once YouTube Rewind came out, a record of dislikes hit it. People that originally gave “Baby” a thumbs down, took back their actions just to intensify the thumbs down on “Youtube Rewind”.

Fortnight along with dead memes were all included in the video, intensifying the cringe or dislike towards the video. Of course, it’s a funny original idea, but it doesn’t always work well with everyone that was watching it. It was highly advertised, and plenty of people were looking forward to watching it.

Starting off the video with them in a bus already set the mood of the whole video. Eventually, they brought in some K-Pop, which wasn’t exactly a surprise seeing as how the video was already seeming to go downhill. Plenty of people like K-Pop, but the way they brought it in was spontaneous and strange.

Because of how cringy and weird the video turned out, it wasn’t long before it became the most disliked video on YouTube. It’s a strange summary of everything that they decided was important that went on during 2018. Plenty of other topics could’ve brought up, but it was a very creative perspective that they decided to take on the subject.

YouTube Rewind has 2.3 million likes, although it’s been getting a lot of shade from the topics that came across the video. Even though that’s quite a lot of likes, there’s more than four times the amount on dislikes. 13 million dislikes have been given to the video, which could be very heartbreaking for the creators of it.

Even though the video could make you want to shrink back in cringe, it was actually a pretty good sum of 2018. If you get past the parts that disturb you, it’s actually pretty funny and comical. Overall the planning and editing made the video a bit more interesting, but I don’t think I would ever be able to watch the whole video.

I’m pretty excited to see the one for next year, and I want to see what the other YouTubers make to comment or tease about YouTube Rewind.

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