Hamilton Goes to Puerto Rico

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Hamilton Goes to Puerto Rico

Alanna Golden

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Lin Manuel Miranda is bringing Hamilton back to Puerto Rico, where it all began. A hurricane has devastated the people, so he’s giving them a performance to lift their spirits.

Lin Manuel Miranda has even introduced a new song in honor of the Puerto Rican people because of this sad event. He’s even decided to play in his musical as he has so many times ago.

He is originally from Manhattan, New York City, New York and knows of many hardships the people have to face because of these disasters. Numerous people think of him to be considerate and can’t wait to see him perform.

Many rich and famous people are making the trek to Puerto Rico to watch him play on stage. It’s amazing how a play he began a few years ago has blossomed into something as grand as it is now.

Lin Manuel Miranda even has his own Star in Hollywood, like many other famous amazing people who have made a mark on the word. After so much work and perseverance he went through, it must be worth it to have the honor of something as grand as that bestowed upon him.

Lin Manuel Miranda has received Pulitzer Prize, three Tonys, three Grammys, an Emmy, two Oliver awards, and has been nominated for an academy award. Having this many awards is astonishing for someone his age. Normally people that are at his age couldn’t get the type of rewards that he won through a lot of hard work and persistence. Many know his work, and of his name as well because of how well he’s done in the world.

His work of playwright and acting has given him a lot of supporters and a lot of fame in our world today. To imagine a musical as good as his own made it to Broadway from scratch is unbelievable. He’s managed take history and turn it into something fantastic and intriguing to watch for people of all ages. Almost seeming to teach things better than history teachers might. He’s definitely changed this world for the better. He’s managed Broadway, and now Puerto Rico, who knows what else he’ll do be the end of his career.

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