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Hannah Butler, Editor

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     McPherson High School has had a newspaper, but for how long exactly? In 1919, The High Life was first established at the Senior High School in McPherson, KS. During this time, World War I was ending and the Treaty of Versailles was underway. There was definitely a lot that could be written back then that wouldn’t really fly if you wrote about it now. A line has appeared over the years that you just can’t cross.

     The high school holds a small selection of school newspapers dating back to the 1930s. It’s now all electronic, but it’s interesting to see quotes and things that people have wrote that maybe wouldn’t be seen much today. A catching headline, “Journalists Go Wild But All Enjoy Work,” draws readers in. “From the exclamations tossed about in the journalism class one might think that each member was a blockhead.” This is an excerpt from the article. It’s a funny quote to read, but you probably wouldn’t see that in the newspaper today.

     They’re also still a part of Quill and Scroll, which is an honor society for the students. They are hand picked by the adviser based on a certain set of requirements. Ever since November 25th, 1934, the high school has had a Quill and Scroll charter. It’s not just for journalism students either. Yearbook students can be accepted as well. Once inducted as a member, you keep the title for a lifetime. It’s a great honor to have in high school.

     If you have been a member of the McPherson High Life in past years, we’d love for you to contact our official email! Send in stories or remembrances about the High Life at McPherson. To contact us, send an email to [email protected].

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