Halloween is a Blank Canvas

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Alanna Golden, Jay Ford, and Faith Lininger

Is Halloween themed Makeup as easy as it seems to be?

There are many steps to being ready for Halloween night, whether spent trick or treating, handing out candy, or scaring little kids. There is also two different ways to do your makeup. You can be totally glam, with glitter, a sassy wing, and popping eye shadow, or you can be completely horrifying, by putting latex, fake blood, and body paint on your face instead. Either way, it’s fun to have your face pampered with makeup.

Although many costumes look very extravagant and creative, it can take a lot of time for it to get to that point. Because of this looking so easy to do, many people underestimate the effort that goes into costuming and makeup, not to mention all of the preparation that goes on in the background beforehand.

There are steps and precautions to take when using makeup products like latex, or mascara. You have to be careful to not rip out your hair when removing dried latex, and you have to be cautious of the toll it can take on your skin and your pores. But, even with this, makeup is fun to do, and can make life that much more exciting.

Whoever said it needed to be Halloween to make yourself look like a zombie? It makes sense to do scary makeup only on Halloween, because All Hallows Eve is the day where people can dress up to be any creature or character they want, but there is plenty of events to do makeup. Such as comic-Con. Movie Sets. Youtube Videos. Vidcon..

The people that go all out for costuming and makeup, normally have a lot of experience in those fields. This provides them a much easier time to get all of the creative looks out, whereas a lot of people wouldn’t be able to do it as well as them. Makeup is a form of art that you can’t just master overnight. A lot of experience and hard work goes into making anything to do with it.

When you add in the fact that some people do both their hair and their costume as well as makeup, it grows into a lot more work. People like this that look forward to dressing up this extravagantly tend to really enjoy this holiday. They’re allowed to be anything they want to be, and can go to extreme limits to make their costume grand enough for them to pull off.

There are several steps to makeup.

1.) Primer and Foundation. For any makeup look, the base is important. Primer sets your skin, so that any products you apply from then on, stay in place. Foundation evens your complexion, and covers up spots that may be affected by latex, or dark spots that you may wish to cover up.

2.) Latex or concealer. This is the splitting point between the type of makeup you wish to do. Glam or Gore. For glam makeup, you would put on Concealer under your eyes or over dark spots or pimples, which is typically a product that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone and foundation. You then blend it in with whatever brush or sponge you usually use. For more gorier looks, you would first put on some petroleum jelly to protect your hairs from attaching to the latex (unless you want to feel immense pain by removing them).

3.) Eyes. This step can be combined. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, you add eyeshadow to your eyes, starting with eyeshadow primer on your eyelid and setting powder under your eyes. Setting powder protects your under eye from eyeshadow fall out. You start from the outer corner of your eye, and go in slowly. Blending is key with this step. For a more halloween-y look, you can use alcohol or water activated paints from makeup pallets specially designed for Special Effects (SFX makeup) makeup, or you can use normal eyeshadow. Then you add mascara, eyeliner, and false lashes accordingly. 4.) Contouring. This is more of a glam makeup step. Contouring is simple, there are three parts. Bronzer, which is used to more define your features. Contour, a lighter color, is used all around the edges of your face to warm your skin and make it look rounder. Highlighter, a very light color, usually shimmery, is used to make some features appear farther out of your face than the rest of your skin, like cheekbones, or your cupid’s bow.

5.) Lips. Lipstick is easy. Slide it on, blot it out on a tissue, and your ready to go. You can add glitter, or powder to make it matte or glittery.

6.) The last and final step is perfection power, and/or setting spray. Perfection powder is used to fill in any creavases or pores in your skin that are not filled in, and even out your skin’s texture. Setting spray is used to melt your makeup together, into your skin, finishing the look entirely.

This has been your regularly scheduled tutorial on makeup application.

(Photos Taken By Jay Ford)

Applying the Fountation

Base Eyeshadow Application

Base Eyeshadow Application

Second Eyeshadow Application

Applying The Eyeliner

Applying The Mascara

Applying The Lipgloss

Applying The Lipgloss

The Finished Product