RECYCLING and Trash bins in McPherson

Desire Epps

A filer for land pollution. PSA for land pollution and recycling. Created on

Desire Epps, Writer


The town is getting flooded with trash from careless people who can’t  seem to wait till they get to a trash or recycling bin.

Land pollution has increased drastically across the states. People are being warned constantly of the effect that it is having on the world. People are also acting as if it isn’t a huge problem.

McPherson has many areas that are fairly polluted . Tons of trash is found on the side of the road, in grass, and in random places on the street. Just last year my social justice class picked up trash on MHS grounds and had bags filled with litter.

Having trash cans and recycling bins on almost every street corner and having some halfway, would give people less of a reason to have to throw their trash or recycling on the street. Having recycling benefits on pollution, energy, and  a uplift for the economy.

Recycling bins that are used cause less pollution. Along with that it keeps the air and water safe and makes it better with each piece placed in the bin. Recycling saves energy, not only for yourself, but for the planet. According to Waste Wise writers “If we can recycle 30% of our trash each year, we can save enough energy to equate to 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline.” That’s a ton of preserved gas even though gas damages the air. Last but not least, the uplift in the economy. Running a recycling company takes a lot more people than running a landfill company. Literally recycling more could cause a boost in jobs.

Trash bins,when used correctly, is highly beneficial. Besides keeping the areas of parks and schools clean, trash bins properly kept can keep areas from smelling. Some trash bags having a masking order embedded sent. Having a proper trash bin can keep bugs like nats from crowding. They stop the town from looking disgusting and having the big garbage can in various places is a plus for when you have food to throw out and you aren’t anywhere near your home. Keeping these bins on every street is highly beneficial. It’s a great cause and it keeps the community clean and land pollution free. Making this move is sure to keep trash and recyclables off the street.