Does Punctuation Really Matter When You’re Sending a Text Message?

Phone on home screen lying on grass.

Phone on home screen lying on grass.

Alanna Golden

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Does punctuation really matter when you’re sending a text message?

I think punctuation really does matter; whether it’s writing an essay for school, or sending a small message to a friend.

Writing with acronyms such as, “lol” “lmbo” “ttyl” and many others have their own meaning. Punctuation is a lot different than acronyms, although both can easily be in the same topic. So do we always need punctuation to understand a message with acronyms?

Technically it’s not proper English, but most people do know the meaning of most acronyms. When you’re sending a simple message, perhaps of just an acronym, then punctuation doesn’t really matter.

Punctuation is a big deal when it comes to trying to get word out to another person. Simple errors like your vs you’re can change the whole story. Not specifying which “there” it is can cause a bit of confusion throughout the text as well. Of course, the receiver can find out which word it is meant to be, but it might make it a bit more difficult on their end to discover what that person was trying to say.

The best choice would be to try and convey your message as best as possible. Not only is it easier to comprehend, but it also makes it a lot better for someone that isn’t a native English speaker. Getting messages through to people is already hard enough face-to-face when they’re not native to the language; when you’re speaking in code it’s even harder for them to try and understand. I think it would be okay if they’re bilingual and have a lot of experience with both languages.

I think that it is fine if it’s a friend you’ve had for a while, because then they’ll be used to the way you write; whether it’s neat and proper, or jumbled up and messy. 

Another thing is no one wants to read a sentence that is a run on that just keeps continuing on without any punctuation at all it and it only makes everything really difficult to read and its just a lot of work on your end and-

See? Sure, maybe you can figure out what I wrote above, but it doesn’t contain proper English grammar, and it doesn’t clearly state what I’m trying to convey to the audience. If you say it aloud, you could notice what I’m trying to convey to the audience, but it’s not something you want to read.

It almost hurts to read things that just keep continuing on. If you at least use commas and periods, that alone would benefit the person on the receiving end. Giving the viewer little mental pauses as they read the paragraphs helps them comprehend exactly what is going on. So if your spelling isn’t the best, at least they could try and figure it out with the punctuation.

So over all, I think that people should definitely use good punctuation and grammar, if possible. Not only is it easier for the person on the other end, but you’ll be benefiting yourself as you properly punctuate your messages.

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